History of School

The school has been founded by Mrs. Sheelam Priyam with an aim to impart quality education that prepares students to become global citizens. She completed her B.A. in English from T M Bhagalpur University. She had always desired to make a significant contribution to the growth of our society and hence she chose the education sector to realise her vision. Her natural ability to connect with students, teachers and other educational leaders alike has catapulted her career towardthe greater good. This has led her to improve countless lives in a positive way. And she still continues on her mission with the same vigourand desire to serve society and contribute to the country’s growth.

Adarsh Vidya Mandir operates under the Trust named Sri Ashoka Foundation & Charitable Trust which has been established to play a proactive role in socio-economical, Cultural, scientific, technical, financial and ethical development.